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“Danitha Digital” Provides Google Ads Services / PPC ads services for any business requirements.

In Google ads, our scope of work majorly involves working with Google Search ads, Google Display Ads, Performance max ads, Gmail Ads, Youtube Ads, Google shopping ads, and Google Remarketing Ads


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Danitha Digital is the Best Google Ads services company in Hyderabad (PPC Ad Agency).

PPC marketing ( Google ads advertisement )is the best method to promote your services or products to your target audience based on their search on google. Google PPC services will give you the best and most immediate results.

Benefits of Google Ads Services (PPC services) ::

  • An optimized Google Ads campaigns works faster than SEO and results us with better branding and pulls Quality leads for your business.
  • Google ads is the best source for increasing brand awareness, boosting traffic to our business, getting clicks and conversions in less time.
  • You can easily compete with your competitors and list your google ads results on top of the google search engine with PPC services.
  • You can track and measure your google ads performance consistently and take the necessary steps to increase better ROI. We perform the best PPC campaign management to increase the ad quality and hence better output.
  • Google Ads gives you control over how you spend your money.  You can choose how much you spend on monthly basis or as required on any specific duration.
  • Google ads give you the best targeting ability to show your ads and to reach people with specific interests, particular demographics and keywords.


    6 + 13 =

    Here’s a look at the choices that you have with online ads that can make your marketing campaigns even more targeted:

    • Keywords: Words or phrases relevant to your products and service, which are used to show your ads when customers search for those terms or visit relevant websites.
    • Ad location: Show your ads on Google search results pages, websites, mobile apps and youtube that are part of the Google Search and Display Networks.
    • Age, location, and language: Choose the age, geographic location, and language of your customers.
    • Days, times, and frequency: Show your ads during certain hours or days of the week, and determine how often your ads appear.
    • Devices: Your ads can appear on all types of devices, and you can fine-tune which devices (computers, Tabs, mobiles and TVs) your ads appear on and when.

    Search Engine Marketing/Google Ads

    Google has started its own advertising service for businesses looking to show their business ads in the search engine results to the viewers based on the queries typed. It is a paid marketing service. These ads normally appear on the top & bottom of the organic search results. It is otherwise known as PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign. where you (the advertiser) pays per click (CPC) or based on impressions (CPM)  or for any conversions (CPA) on an ad and more strategies. At Danitha Digital, we provide you extensive PPC services and tell you why we are regarded as the best Google Ads company by our clients.

    Google Ads is the best way to drive quality traffic to your business while they’re searching for products and services like the ones you offer. With Google Ads, you can boost your website traffic, receive more phone calls, and increase your in-store visits. 

    Why should you choose us as your Google Ads marketing partner?

    Danitha Digital totally focuses upon the success of your Googlee Ads campaign and helps you get maximum profit through them. We use efficient techniques to choose the best keywords and bidding strategies  to get the maximum customer reach at a low budget. Google updates its campaign strategies from time to time which often leads advertisers to lose money due to silly mistakes but being the best Google ads company in Hyderabad, we stay up to date with every new development and can help you avoid costly errors.

    We even work upon your quality score. We make sure that your ad gets the maximum quality score possible by Google for the selected queries which then automatically can give you a good Ad position even at a minimum budget.

    Summing up, Danitha Digital, the company with the best PPC services in Hyderabad have the right approach to get you maximum benefits from your Google ads campaign keeping your budget in control.

    Google Ads Marketing Plans

    Freequently asked questions (FAQs)

    What are the different types of Google Ads?

    We focus more on the below 3 types of Google Ads:


    • Search Network campaigns – usually in text form. There are two types of ads, i.e.., Text ads and call-only ads.  These ads can show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours
    • Display Network campaigns – usually image form, these ads appear on other google display network based websites or apps or YouTube videos when your customers visits. We work on Display ads format, Responsive ads format and Gmail ads format. Which includes regular and remarketing ads
    • Video campaigns – usually  video format ads, these ads show right before or during YouTube content. Types of ads are.. Instream skippable ads, instream non-skippable ads, bumper ads, in feed ads, and Ad sequence ads.
    Why should I outsource Google ads promotions to your agency?

    Google ads is a tricky game of paid online advertisement. We have to be technically very strong to overcome costly mistakes. Having a team of experts in implementing your google ads strategies in a professional way is always suggestable. We should run campaigns and analyze the reports and change the strategies as and when needed. Regular monitoring on google ads is necessary to be competitive on SERP page. As Google ads is completely technical practice, one alone can’t handle the process with individual efforts.

    Hence you can outsource us your Google Ads task to get better and promising results with the help of our professional team.

    Will you help in identifying the best keywords for my campaigns


    Keyword Analysis is the most vital part of Google Ads. We will surely perform keyword analysis with the best tools available in the market and will give you the list of all keyword possibilities to run your google ads. While analyzing the keywords we study the search volume, competition, and the price range of the keywords. We will send you the list of analyzed keywords. Once you approve the final set of keywords, we will start the process.

    What is the frequency of the reports?

    We will give google ads reports in 2 modes as selected by the client.

    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    I am implementing SEO for my website now. Do i need to implement Google ads for my business?

    Google ads is a paid process of marketing whereas SEO is an organic process of marketing. Google ads help you to fetch immediate results as required by the business where a SEO will take a long time to get the results. Google ads process really helps to generates quality leads in less time.

    We will get high click rate on google ads results if our ads are showing on top of the SEO results.

    Hence it is always advisable to implement Google Ads for your business to get instant results.

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